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Libraries mean a lot to our award recipients and so do the awards. Isn't it worth taking the time to say "thank you" for a job well done?

Updated information on the 2015 CPLA Awards will be posted soon.

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"Over the years, working closely with my library commissioners gave me not only the pleasure of being with friends, but the opportunity to plan projects and take the library into the future with their support, positive ideas and insightful suggestions. To have them nominate me for the 2002 CPLA outstanding service award was an honor and an affirmation of our relationship; to receive the award was 'just plain exhilarating'."

Carol Ann Tassios
Retired Library Director
Yorba Linda Public Library

"Of all the prestigious awards I have received during my career as a librarian, I consider the CPLA award for a librarian for outstanding work with a Board or Commission the most valuable and meaningful to me. It is a testament of the mutual respect and appreciation the Library Board and I have for each other. It is the greatest honor a library director can receive - it represents the Board's unanimous evaluation of a library director's outstanding work. The Board's confidence in me inspired me to continue to go above and beyond in my work."

Ophelia Roop
Library Director
San Bernardino Public Library

"I was truly honored and humbled to have received the award in recognition of my work in supporting our local public and school libraries. I believe that knowledge is power in our country. Knowledge must continue to be accessible to all members of our local communities, especially children and their families."

State Senator Wesley Chesbro
Senate District 02

"Receiving the CPLA award together with the opportunity to address the CPLA community at the awards luncheon was a very exciting experience. It certainly inspired me to continue to support our Port Hueneme library. As I have often said, 'A viable free public library is a hallmark of civilization'"

Mayor Murray Rosenbluth
Port Hueneme

"I was thrilled to receive the CPLA Award as the state's outstanding trustee. After spending years in the trenches as a trustee, I felt vindicated, validated and venerated!"

Mike Eng
Mayor, City of Monterey Park

"I knew the importance of a good library when I got involved in the Monterey Park library expansion and renovation project. I was only doing what I could to raise some funds to help in achieving this goal. How pleasantly surprised I was when I received the CPLA Award!"

Pearl Tse
Individual for outstanding or volunteer service to a library

"I was deeply grateful and highly honored to receive the award from CPLA for something that is really a labor of love for me. I did not expect any recognition for my work, but felt that the award was an expression of appreciation. Thank you."

Lilian Kawaratani
Individual for outstanding or volunteer service to a library

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