People give to people

We all hope that we can get that one big gift and be done with fundraising. But fundraising is about relationship building and it is an ongoing, lifetime, dialogue. Approaches to fundraising should be systematic, consistent, and diverse. Here are a few tools that might help you make your foundation stronger.

Public Libraries in the United States: Overview & Insights on Library Foundations by Walter Dillingham. Learn about important trends in the public library sector and some observations on public library foundations. PDF

Library Endowments: What exactly are they and why should Library advocates be interested? This presentation was given at the 2012 ALTAFF conference and explains why, how and when to establish endowments. PDF

This is a presentation showing basic tools of fundraising that are easily accessible by Foundation Boards. PDF

If you would like CPLA to come and train your board on basic fundraising tools we will. Contact April Butcher to schedule a training.

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